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Jul 15, 17   Ali   0 Comment

Hello! My name is Ali and I have adopted Lauren Graham Fan and am working on getting the site up to date. I have added images from events that Lauren has attended this year so far. Gallery Links: – Lauren Graham Fan | Events and Appearances > 2017

Dec 04, 16   Aniek   0 Comment

Thanks to Claudia for sharing these awesome scan of Lauren as Lorelai Gilmore in Entertainment Weekly, the December 2016 issue. Gallery Links: – Publications > 2016 > Entertainment Weekly (December 2016)

Apr 24, 16   Aniek   0 Comment

It’s been nearly a decade since we first met the Gilmore girls, but looking at Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, it’s hard to tell any time has passed. “Alexis hasn’t started aging yet,” Graham, 49, jokes with PEOPLE in its World’s Most Beautiful special issue. “I certainly have!” retorts Bledel, 34, with a smile. Gallery […]

Apr 12, 16   Aniek   0 Comment

Yay! I was able to add stills of Gilmore Girls. The new season is called “Seasons”. Check out these amazing new stills in the gallery. Gallery Links: – Television Productions > [2000 – 2007] Gilmore Girls > Seasons > Promotional Stills

Apr 08, 16   Aniek   0 Comment

I added the photoshoot Lauren and Alexis did for Entertainment Weekly cover to the gallery. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – Photoshoots > Outtakes > 2016 > Session 1

Feb 23, 16   Aniek   0 Comment

I added a few more pics to the gallery of Lauren’s appearance at Mae Whitman’s play ‘The Mystery Of Love And Sex’ opening night on Broadway. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – Events And Appearances > 2016 > February 22nd: The Opening Of Whitman’s Los Angeles Play, ‘The Mystery Of Love And Sex’

Feb 23, 16   Aniek   0 Comment

The Gilmore Girls are getting back together on Netflix, but what about Lauren Graham’s other TV family: the Braverman clan? There’s no indication Parenthood is on its way back (though showrunner Jason Katims has said he’s open to the idea of a revival). That’s not enough to stop three of its stars — Graham, Mae […]

Aug 18, 15   Aniek   0 Comment

Hi everyone! It feels so good to be back! As announced: Lauren Graham Fan moved to a new host. It took some time to move everything, but we’re back! I hope you didn’t forget to change the link from to laurengraham,org! Please bookmark the new URL, so you don’t have any trouble finding us. […]

Jun 25, 15   Ali   0 Comment

Added a bunch of images of Lauren from last night’s premiere of her film Max to the gallery! Gallery Links: – Lauren Graham Fan > 2015 > June 23 | Max Los Angeles Premiere

Jun 17, 15   Ali   0 Comment

I have found some pictures of Lauren from her childhood and have added them to the gallery so you can enjoy them too! She was adorable! Gallery Links: – Lauren Graham Fan > Personal > Childhood Years