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April 24, 2016   Aniek   Comments Off on Gilmore Girls Stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel Haven’t Aged a Day – Here’s Why Gilmore Girls, Images, Magazines

It’s been nearly a decade since we first met the Gilmore girls, but looking at Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, it’s hard to tell any time has passed. “Alexis hasn’t started aging yet,” Graham, 49, jokes with PEOPLE in its World’s Most Beautiful special issue. “I certainly have!” retorts Bledel, 34, with a smile. Gallery […]

April 12, 2016   Aniek   Comments Off on Gilmore Girls: Seasons’ Promo Stills Gilmore Girls, Images

Yay! I was able to add stills of Gilmore Girls. The new season is called “Seasons”. Check out these amazing new stills in the gallery. Gallery Links: – Television Productions > [2000 – 2007] Gilmore Girls > Seasons > Promotional Stills

April 8, 2016   Aniek   Comments Off on Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot Gilmore Girls, Images

I added the photoshoot Lauren and Alexis did for Entertainment Weekly cover to the gallery. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – Photoshoots > Outtakes > 2016 > Session 1

February 23, 2016   Aniek   Comments Off on ‘The Mystery Of Love And Sex’ Opening Additions Events, Images

I added a few more pics to the gallery of Lauren’s appearance at Mae Whitman’s play ‘The Mystery Of Love And Sex’ opening night on Broadway. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – Events And Appearances > 2016 > February 22nd: The Opening Of Whitman’s Los Angeles Play, ‘The Mystery Of Love And Sex’

February 23, 2016   Aniek   Comments Off on Lauren Graham, Mae Whitman, Peter Krause had a Parenthood reunion Events, Images

The Gilmore Girls are getting back together on Netflix, but what about Lauren Graham’s other TV family: the Braverman clan? There’s no indication Parenthood is on its way back (though showrunner Jason Katims has said he’s open to the idea of a revival). That’s not enough to stop three of its stars — Graham, Mae […]