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23 Apr 2014
By Aniek • Comments Off on New Layout & Parenthood 5×22 CapturesImages, Parenthood

As you can see, Lauren Graham Fan has a new layout! The theme was made by Laura  I am very happy with the new theme and pics used. Laura used one of my favorite Lauren shoots, which featured in More Magazine, in May 2013, which you can find here . I hope you like it just as much as I do!

I also added screencaptures of the previous episode of Parenthood, which was also the season’s finale. Check them out below.

Gallery Links:
– [2010 – ] Parenthood > Season Five > Screencaps > 5×22 – The Pontiac

19 Apr 2014
By Aniek • Comments Off on Lauren on The Ellen Degeneres ShowArticles / Interviews, Images

Lauren was a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show on March 20th in 2014. I added screen captures of the episode to the gallery. You can check out her interview. I only found snippets and the complete episode, which also has an interview with Barack Obama. You can go to 19.07 minutes for Lauren’s interview.

Gallery Links:
– Stills Of: Talk Shows, Radio Shows, TV Interviews > 2014 March 20th: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

19 Apr 2014
By Aniek • Comments Off on New Owner & Episode Stills AdditionsParenthood

Hi, my name is Aniek and I am the new owner of Lauren Graham Fan.org! Thanks a lot to Chanel for letting me take care of her baby. I am so grateful to be the owner of a Lauren Graham website and bring you the latest news and info about Lauren. You might know me from my other websites, Jenatics (Jennifer Lawrence) and Jennifer Aniston Fan.  I am in the progress of adding tons of new pics to the gallery. For now enjoy, the latest episode stills of Parenthood, episode 17, 18, 19 and 22.

Gallery Links:
– [2010 – ] Parenthood Season Five > Episode Stills


12 Apr 2014
By Chanel • Comments Off on Parenthood: 5×22 – “The Pontiac” Promo (Season Finale)Parenthood

12 Apr 2014
By Chanel • Comments Off on Parenthood: 5×21 – “I’m Still Here” ScreencapturesImages, Parenthood


5×21 – I’m Still Here