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May 24, 2013  /  Articles & Interviews, Gilmore Girls, Projects, Someday, Someday, Maybe  /  Comments Off on Article: ‘Gilmore Girls’ reunion? Someday, someday, maybe

(CNN) — Lauren Graham’s favorite “Gilmore Girls” scenes to shoot were the show’s famed Friday night dinners.

The actress was participating in a Q&A session to promote her debut novel, “Someday, Someday, Maybe” (Ballantine Books). But all anybody really wanted to talk was “Gilmore.”

“You’re all just here for the book, right?” joked Graham.

Have your dinner choices ever varied between burgers and chili cheese fries at Luke’s or takeout Kung Pao chicken (or, rather, the entire Chinese chicken column) from Al’s Pancake World? Have you ever bought meowing oven mitts at Le Chat Club? Is there a shop(pe) in your town devoted solely to twinkle lights? Ever accidentally shop(pe) lift a box of corn starch?

Scratching your head right about now? Then you’ve never lived in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

That’s right, a show that’s been off the air for nearly as long as it was on (it ran from 2000-2007) remains nestled in the hearts of fans to this day.

Although she was eager to talk about her book, Graham graciously satisfied the audience’s “Gilmore” cravings, not unlike Lorelai’s coffee addiction. Please, Lauren, please, please, please? We need our Gilmore. In a vat. Or we stop doing the standing and the walking and the words putting into sentence doing.

Graham recalled that her favorite scenes were the infamous obligation dinners at the Gilmore house (but deep down you just knew the Gilmore girls wanted to be there), particularly the ones in which Lorelai’s mother, Emily (played by Kelly Bishop) was angry with her. Graham did recall that those scenes were particularly grueling to shoot because they had to be reshot at multiple camera angles.

“And the food was always terrible,” she recalled. (Apparently, Liliana kept putting walnuts in the salad. Or Consuela put sugar on the grapefruit.)

Graham is also, like many “Gilmore” fans, partial to the Chilton years.

“I loved those earlier years,” she gushed, “the first couple years!”

Graham admitted that in the early days of filming “Gilmore,” she was too happy to have been hired for a gig to realize that Stars Hollow was something special.

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