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May 25, 2014  /  Articles & Interviews, Parenthood  /  Comments Off on 10 Reasons We’re Excited For A Parenthood Renewal

We’re in the throes of renewal season (or, for those of you “glass-half-empty” types, cancellation season). While we’ll bid adieu to a number of shows—Trophy Wife, we hardly knew ye!—even more hang in limbo.

Parenthood was one such show. The ever-growing Braverman clan has enchanted viewers with their realistic portrayals of familial relationships, but it hasn’t garnered the sizeable audience of some of its network peers, and its fate remained largely unknown up until now. Though NBC has decided we’ve only got one season left with our favorite family, we’re thrilled to have something to look forward to. In honor of its last-minute renewal, we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why we’re glad NBC has renewed Parenthood- one for each adult Braverman and spouse.

1. The Realistic Portrayal Of Marriage

Filling the spot left vacant by the departure of showrunner Jason Katims’ other critical darling, Friday Night Lights, Peter Krause’s Adam and Monica Potter’s Kristina are television’s best married couple. Not since FNL’s Eric “Coach” and Tammy “Mrs. Coach” Taylor has a couple so inspired viewers to be more supportive, more honest, more selfless and generally more human towards their partners. Too often do I have to remind myself these two aren’t an item in offscreen, as their raw emotion and chemistry define this dynamic duo in very real ways.

2. Dax Shepard

I’ve never liked Dax Shepard beyond his status as Kristen Bell’s sloth-providing beau, but on Parenthood, Shepard is utterly likable. Viewers have watched Shepard’s Crosby grow from a houseboat-dwelling Lothario to a true family man and the anchor of a bustling business. With a mischievous smile and a penchant for poor interpersonal skills, Crosby is the brother we’re all still desperately praying will hit adulthood.

3. The Authentic Sibling Relationship

Parenthood has, for most viewers, accomplished the unfathomable: it’s taken four notable actors and transformed them into a believable family unit. The two sisters (Lauren Graham’s aimless Sarah and Erika Christensen’s tightly wound Julia) and two brothers (Shepard and Krause) bicker and tease, but they also lend an ear, hand or word of advice whenever the other is caught in a jam. There’s a true delight in seeing the interactions between these characters, especially as they pair off. The misadventures of Adam and Crosby are particularly funny, as the latter brings out a fierce sense of competition and adventure in older, reliable Adam. It’s a true gem of a show that can transform a character as recognizable as Lorelai Gilmore into the directionless single mother, Sarah, and pair her with Ray Romano and make viewers ask, “Luke who?”

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