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March 25, 2020  /  Site  /  Comments Off on Coronavirus Update

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment to address what is happening in our world. Due to the Covid-19 situation I have had some major changes happening in my life to provide safety for my family and the other individuals around me. I have moved to a working from home environment, both of my daughters are home with me full-time, and my schooling as moved to online. That is the reason for the lack of updates the past two weeks. Having said that I want to encourage each of you to do the same … take time to consider the state of our world and how YOU can help slow down the spread of this awful illness.

If you need something else to keep you busy … bing watch the first seven episodes of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist … or login to Netflix and watch any and all of Gilmore girls! In the meantime I am going to do some updates to give you fun things to occupy you for some of the home bound time. Stay tuned in the next few hours! Thank you for doing your part!

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