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I was such a tomboy as a kid. People were taking from their mothers’ closet; I was taking from my dad’s closet! It was the 80’s, so it wasn’t too bad, but I was wearing his dress shirts with jeans from the Gap–and not the Gap now, but the Gap when it was just jeans and flannel shirts. To me, that was a really great outfit.

(on “Gilmore Girls” ending) I have mixed feelings about it. I felt that the show was telling us it was over. I felt that it was the right time. We were all feeling restless. Yet, you have become so attached to this person. You don’t want to lose that. So, it was a struggle. It never got easier.

(on the set of Because I Said So) We’re all in our underwear, and it’s just not right.

(about actor George Clooney) He is, like, a stone cold fox. Can you argue with me? He’s a stone cold fox! I just want to say that I stuck by George in the fat, hairy times, you know what I mean? Because everyone knows that that’s how you get an Oscar, by getting fat and hairy. Let’s just imagine that he’s my Valentine’s Day date! Wouldn’t that be great?

(about her on-screen daughter Alexis Bledel) I can’t imagine a better partner to do this job with.

(About the changes on Gilmore Girls after the departure of executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino) I feel real ownership in this show. I feel very invested in it. I care very much about it. I don’t feel any more like a hired hand, you know? It’s a strange feeling—I feel personally responsible for how the story goes. What happens. What the weaknesses are. And so in a way, some of the changes gave me an opportunity to have a voice in a different way.

Texting is not flirting, if you don’t care about me enough to say the words than that’s not love, I don’t like it!

(if you looked in Lauren’s fridge) You’d find Myoplex shakes and those little eye patches that you can freeze. I don’t use them, but I leave them in my fridge. It makes me feel very Hollywood.

(on the best concert she ever went to) The first concert I ever went to. That was Pat Benatar.

(on which Gilmore Girls character she identifies most with) Alexis (Bledel’s) character, Rory. Growing up I was always a bookish, kind of shy kid.

I’ve made out more this season on a family-friendly show than ever in my actual life.

Some people think my father was a spy, because of working for that government agency in Vietnam, but he can’t find his car keys, much less keep a national secret.

I’m nice, and I show up on time.

(on skipping kindergarten) That’s why I don’t know how to share.

If I had a normal job and had been moving up, I’d be management level now.

(About sharing the same initials with her character her character Lorelai Gilmore) It means that if the show gets cancelled, I keep all the monogrammed towels.

(On her relationship with Matthew Perry) People always put us together. I’m like, “When will you believe that two actors are actually telling the truth?” We actually enjoy each other, and we’re hanging out because we’re both single, not because we’re together.

(On her politics versus her father’s) As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more liberal, and my father is increasingly conservative. It’s so shocking to me because I always thought we had the same politics. The day I realized we voted for different presidents, I practically fell out of my chair.

(When asked what her own worst nightmare was) A sitcom named Lauren! I’ll be in high heels and a skirt on a bike, singing my own theme song as I ride by.

(About playing a 32 year old on Gilmore Girls) I’m so glad that I don’t have to lie about my age anymore.

(About her sexy portrayal of a mother on Gilmore Girls) One of the things I like about the show is it redefines the idea of what it is to be a mother, which at its most basic level is to take care of a child. It doesn’t mean you have to look like the ladies in the Lysol commercials.

I definitely wanted to be an actor. I didn’t want to be on TV, I didn’t want to be famous, I didn’t want to be anyone in particular; I just wanted to do it. I see young people now who look at magazines, or American Idol and their goal is to have that lifestyle–to have good handbags, or go out with cute guys from shows, or whatever. But I definitely wanted to be an actor.

Belly buttons are cool!

Nobody ever seems to want my advice about serious stuff. People will be like: ‘Who made that sweater?’ Or ‘How did you get your hair so straight?’ They don’t to come to me for the relationship advice or deep stuff. In fact, my little sister actually hides from me.

(on Lorelai Glimore) My character has louder taste in clothes, I think. Personally, all I ever want to be wearing are jeans.

These days I have to be extra nice in stores. It never fails that whenever I look as bad as I can possibly look or I am sort of cranky because the store is out of something, that is precisely the time when someone one will recognize me and say: ‘I really like your show.’

(On her career prior to “Gilmore Girls”) I kept playing the bland friend, and my line was like ‘Let’s go get a sandwich!’

Perspective is the most important thing to have in life.

Growing up an only child with a single parent is probably why I’m an actor.